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Bob, the owner/operator of Spaulding’s Tree Service, Inc. began in the field of tree care by working for a local municipality.  He earned a position on the tree crew shortly after he began working for the city. Due to his desire to learn, ambition, and knowledge of trees, he was quickly promoted to crew foreman.  Bob soon became known by the people of the community for his expertise in tree pruning.  Local residents often inquired about his availability to do work for them that was not provided by the municipality.


During this time, Bob and his wife, Carol, began to build their own log home, which was inspired by their love of trees. To clear their own tree-covered lot for their home, they purchased their first personal chain saw, a Stihl 026.  They now realize that the saw became a stepping stone in their decision to go “out on a limb” and begin their own tree care business dedicated to the preservation of the trees and the environment.


Bob and Carol Spaulding are proud of their company, its employees, and the standards and methods they maintain. As parents of two sons and a daughter, they believe that we must do everything in our power to preserve and maintain our environment for the next generation.  Spaulding’s Tree Service is dedicated to the care and preservation of our trees, and ensuring their growth and abundance into the next century.

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